Graduated with a degree in Philosophy, worked in a bank, in government and then as an entrepreneur in the digital business. I always worked at the juncture between media, customer knowledge and technology. From big to small, I tried to remain an entrepreneur within large firms such as Vodafone and Mondadori, enjoyed an incredible amount of experiences including meeting smart people from all over the world and seeing them work side by side in good and bad times. If I had to sum up my profile, I would say that on a business standpoint I can drive a Vespa pretty well, but am also pretty nifty with a truck. I love all areas having to do with customer knowledge and strongly believe that the essence of digital business is the opportunity to gather deeper and better data that we ever have been able to do. What to do with this data determines your ability to succeed, and interpreting data, turning it into effective and actionable moves, requires complex teams with human variety and experience. I like to set up and run these teams.

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